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Twitter Age Gate Tool

Our group has an in-depth understanding of the unique needs for liquor and beer marketing on the web.  We have launched over a hundred digital projects for brands like Jack Daniel's, Southern Comfort, Tuaca, Chambord, Herradura, El Jimador and more recently Veuve Clicquot.  We understand what it takes to engage with consumers online in the beer and alcohol category and doing so responsibly.


Our seamless process of age verifying Twitter followers was first created in 2009.   Since that time, our age gating tool has been used for over 20 different spirits brands.  We have proven results in delivering a quality technological product that can run seamlessly for any beer or liquor brand wanting to leverage Twitter in their marketing mix.  Check out our latest release by following!/Veuve_Clicquot.


Contact us to see how we can help you engage with your consumers on Twitter.

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